Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seek and Ye Shall WIN!

You have GOT to play this game-!!!

On Etsy, the MSIA (Metalsmiths in Action) team is having a competition with some KILLER prizes: great jewelry, hand crafted from sterling silver!

You don't have to do anything but look through various MSIA team members' shops to find THREE images that are hidden. Once you find them, you submit your list of where the images are hidden. The correct answers submitted win, win win until the last prize has been awarded!

Click HERE to see the terrific prizes!

Like Corybethy's lovely Sleeping Beauty Turquoise pendant...

Here's MY contribution, from BrighidsForge: Tranquility Chain, with hand wrapped chain links, wonderful dark teal cuprite and dark purple amethyst and handmade sterling silver beads.

The game's not hard and you might win such great prizes as Kellirene's great GarnetBerry Necklace.

Or SilverLakeStudio's lovely Hammered Heart...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

VOTE!! just VOTE!

This election is one that brings many questions, concerns, party lines, opportunities for both good and bad - no matter WHICH person or party or issue you vote for. I'm not promoting either party or candidate; I simply want Americans of all flavors to exercise their right to vote!

If you don't make your opinion known - by VOTING - you may as well not have an opinion. Nor a voice. Check out this video, with some famous folks saying the same thing: "Don't Vote" campaign

America is not perfect - NO country is, despite how much we love our respective countries. But we can each try to make it better, by making considered decisions on putting them on the line on November 4th.

I love America. I love it for what it has been, what it could be, for the opportunities it gives us. There are horrible events and periods in the past, which we, today, cannot change. Just accept and go on, looking to the future.

If you don't vote, you can't gripe about the results-!

Great site for Jewelers!

You have GOT to check out Ganoksin! It seems to be a wonderful site for jewelers and smiths of all flavors! Videos, articles, blogs, tips and forums (fora? LOL)

I've already watched a few of the videos - I enjoyed the one on carving the wax for the model....What's YOUR favorite?

I'll be posting this on Etsy, as well, on the Team MSIA thread (MSIA = MetalSmiths in Action

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Relaxation ?!

O Constant Reader, what do YOU do to relax? You know, "relax", as in NOT working job #1, #2, doing the mom-chauffeur thing, the work "Mixer" thing... Something YOU want to do WHEN YOU want to do it. And for as LONG AS you want to...

For myself...There are THREE things that totally relax me...Four, if you count going on a cruise.

(1) Just laying in bed, reading or watching a DVD, with the cats piled on me, hot jasmine tea, lit scented candles and the alarm clock NOT set.
This is important, since I work 64 hours a week in regular jobs (NOT involving Etsy) to support my house, my kitties and my jewelry tool and equipment upgrade project.

(2) Spending time with my instructor and classmates in the studio... I can learn from their projects and vice versa. Too bad they kick us out at 10:00 PM! (class is over at 9:30 PM)

(3) A day/week/year at the beach or in the mountains, with no cell phones, no schedule that HAS to be followed, someone watching my kitties ...I MUST have at least SOME equipment, tools and beads, though...In case I get a thought. MUST have a book or 10, as well....

Lastly, if the aforementioned don't "do" it - there's the MOTORCYCLE:

Monday, September 29, 2008


It's official! We are an official Etsy Team!

So who are the Metalsmiths In Action?......
We are a group of Metalsmiths and/or Metalsmiths-in-training who are:
A) actively supporting, teaching, and promoting one another.
B) working to bring knowledge of the art of Metalsmithing to the general audience.
C) doing our best to give back to the community through our own charitable causes in a team store.
D) actively trying to lead people into this art form and to help them expand their knowledge of metalsmithing skills.
E) providing current information regarding materials, tools, supplies, exhibits, contests, schools, etc....
F) promoting one another through an outside team website featuring each of our shops.
G) promoting one another through a blog featuring a different metalsmith each week.
H) providing an opportunity to share with other metalsmiths without the strict regulation of a jury process.

This Etsy team is unique in that it will not be juried by our store content, but rather by our desire and interest in learning and sharing knowledge of metalsmithing. Anyone who has a sincere desire to learn and to produce metalsmithed goods are welcome to join. We only require that their work be somewhat related to metals in some format. Upon acceptance, please feel free to state on your store announcement page that you are a proud member of Metalsmiths In Action or MSIA.

Who can join?
We encourage and support any Etsy member who is already working as a metalsmith, or those who are working with metal on some level and have a desire to learn more of the trade, to apply to our team. We only ask that this is a serious intention and some of your work reflects this desire, and that you be ready and willing to pitch in for the team!

TO APPLY: Please contact Kelli at:


Don't forget to get yourself signed up to the Team MSIA Flickr account and add your metal photos to the group FlickR pool:

You can also find us by searching for Team MSIA under 'groups'.

Let's show everyone what we're all about!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Have a Spirited Autumn Equinox!

It's time for The Spirited Autumn Event! From Monday, September 22nd (the Fall Equinox) until Monday, October 6, Members of Etsy's Earthpath Artisans Street Team are offering special promotions on selected items in their shops. This adorable witchy felted brooch, "Hint of Fall", "Golden Rod" crystal point and moukaite "Stealth Triple Goddess" necklace, Jack O Lantern runes, Witch Shadow Box and White Deerskin Medicine pouch are just SOME of the many terrific handmade pieces on sale until Monday, October 6th!

The Spirited Autumn Event (TSAE) focuses on Fall Themed and Magical items, just in time for Halloween! Search Etsy using the TSAE tag to find participating items. Save $$ on unique handcrafted items and have fun shopping!

Items include autumn colored jewelry, incense, pendulums, artwork and MORE.

To find all the currently listed TSAE specials, just go to Etsy, search for TSAE or CLICK HERE!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Enter the Realm of Nerdiness!

To deny the nerdiness is to deny the soul.

In THAT case, Liz Staley has LOTS of soul - of the geeky kind! From Star Wars character based ACEOs to durable and attractive wallets recycled from computer keyboards (with anime art on them, no less!) to necklaces with keyboard keys on them...

And the ever-present hand-sewn KAFMAs (Kute and Fuzzy Multiplying Aliens) and plush figures, of course! These include the cult-classic Flying Spaghetti Monster, a gypsy (with accompanying original artwork), a mini-pirate and Adam, complete with FIGLEAF!

Liz' ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals, measuring 2.5" x 3.5") are varied and often humorous, just like her hilarious buttons. The button packs include buttons for fans of various science fiction and fantasy activities, movies and TV shows, such as Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Star Wars, RPG gamers (for Role Playing Games fans), Browncoats and many more...

Check out Lizstaley, Liz' shop on Etsy, the online venue for handmade items!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Earthpath Artisans' "Gypsy Challenge" - check it out!

The EarthPath Artisans Street Team (EAST) is having a Gypsy Design Challenge! Team members have taken their interpretation of what the word "Gypsy" conjures up for them, and created new pieces in a variety of media.

The purpose of this challenge is not to win prizes or compete with each other; rather, it's a way to build team camaraderie and inspire us to explore new themes and stretch our creative muscles.

And for the winner, it means a little extra attention from an adoring public! (which we ALL love :P)

Winners will be posted on the blog and on Etsy.So stop by the EAST Challenge page on Flickr

To see pictures of the entries, and then go VOTE for your favorite piece - the one that most brings to mind the exotic nature of the Gypsy - at the EAST blog. You can also see many of the entries on Etsy by visiting the EAST team shop's Favorites page.

Voting ends July 21st.We'll see you there!

Moving IN!

Hello, all! I'm moving in from my old blog at I don't suppose anyone knows how to merge the two - or if it's possible?

At any rate, hello! /bows

I'm a somewhat nutty (somewhat????), somewhat geeky jewelry designer, located in Central Florida.

For now, feel free to cruise the shops on Etsy and check back for posts on featured artisans, how-to information, new techniques, etc. Along with general insanity, of course!

Main shop: BrighidsForge
Shop with 2 friends: BerryPatchDesigns

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you in the future :)