Saturday, October 4, 2008

Relaxation ?!

O Constant Reader, what do YOU do to relax? You know, "relax", as in NOT working job #1, #2, doing the mom-chauffeur thing, the work "Mixer" thing... Something YOU want to do WHEN YOU want to do it. And for as LONG AS you want to...

For myself...There are THREE things that totally relax me...Four, if you count going on a cruise.

(1) Just laying in bed, reading or watching a DVD, with the cats piled on me, hot jasmine tea, lit scented candles and the alarm clock NOT set.
This is important, since I work 64 hours a week in regular jobs (NOT involving Etsy) to support my house, my kitties and my jewelry tool and equipment upgrade project.

(2) Spending time with my instructor and classmates in the studio... I can learn from their projects and vice versa. Too bad they kick us out at 10:00 PM! (class is over at 9:30 PM)

(3) A day/week/year at the beach or in the mountains, with no cell phones, no schedule that HAS to be followed, someone watching my kitties ...I MUST have at least SOME equipment, tools and beads, though...In case I get a thought. MUST have a book or 10, as well....

Lastly, if the aforementioned don't "do" it - there's the MOTORCYCLE: