Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seek and Ye Shall WIN!

You have GOT to play this game-!!!

On Etsy, the MSIA (Metalsmiths in Action) team is having a competition with some KILLER prizes: great jewelry, hand crafted from sterling silver!

You don't have to do anything but look through various MSIA team members' shops to find THREE images that are hidden. Once you find them, you submit your list of where the images are hidden. The correct answers submitted win, win win until the last prize has been awarded!

Click HERE to see the terrific prizes!

Like Corybethy's lovely Sleeping Beauty Turquoise pendant...

Here's MY contribution, from BrighidsForge: Tranquility Chain, with hand wrapped chain links, wonderful dark teal cuprite and dark purple amethyst and handmade sterling silver beads.

The game's not hard and you might win such great prizes as Kellirene's great GarnetBerry Necklace.

Or SilverLakeStudio's lovely Hammered Heart...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

VOTE!! just VOTE!

This election is one that brings many questions, concerns, party lines, opportunities for both good and bad - no matter WHICH person or party or issue you vote for. I'm not promoting either party or candidate; I simply want Americans of all flavors to exercise their right to vote!

If you don't make your opinion known - by VOTING - you may as well not have an opinion. Nor a voice. Check out this video, with some famous folks saying the same thing: "Don't Vote" campaign

America is not perfect - NO country is, despite how much we love our respective countries. But we can each try to make it better, by making considered decisions on putting them on the line on November 4th.

I love America. I love it for what it has been, what it could be, for the opportunities it gives us. There are horrible events and periods in the past, which we, today, cannot change. Just accept and go on, looking to the future.

If you don't vote, you can't gripe about the results-!

Great site for Jewelers!

You have GOT to check out Ganoksin! It seems to be a wonderful site for jewelers and smiths of all flavors! Videos, articles, blogs, tips and forums (fora? LOL)

I've already watched a few of the videos - I enjoyed the one on carving the wax for the model....What's YOUR favorite?

I'll be posting this on Etsy, as well, on the Team MSIA thread (MSIA = MetalSmiths in Action