Friday, November 27, 2009

Movies IMHO

In this age of constant movie remakes (very sad, since some of the ORIGINALS are pretty darn recent themselves), it's nice to find SOME movies that are new AND great-

I've been a fan of the most excellent "Harry Potter" series of books and the movies, then was blindsided by the "Twilight" saga only last year, after the first movie came out. Instantly, the written saga sucked me in - and now there's a "New Moon" on the rise!

However, I must say that I liked the music from "Twilight" much better - and the ballgame scene with Muse's "Super Massive Black Hole" and fantastic choreography and cinematography was PAST superb! Wish "New Moon" had something cool like that, but the movie was great, the effects were pretty good, and the acting was good, if sometimes overwhelmed by the obvious beefcake and special effects.

Question: why not at least TRY to make it a date flick, by having SOME females in scanty gear? Right now, what fellow would even THINK of taking his girlfriend to see it, with nothing BUT half-clad young studs and no hope of a girl to ogle? Seriously, people... :P

But I loved the flick and will probably see it again! (before buying it, of course; after a LONNNNG wait until it's released /sigh)

And still waiting impatiently for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" to be released on DVD. Thank heavens, "Star Trek" finally came out. THAT was also a killer flick!

Looking forward to seeing "The Blind Side", after word of mouth from several people who saw it at the premiere. They could not say enough how GREAT that movie (starring Sandra Bullock) is- Since Sandra Bullock also seriously rocks, that's good enough for ME.